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Monday, January 14, 2019

Best Visualization Libraries

Lots new to me here, well worth a look.

Best Visualization Libraries  from KD Nuggets.

There are plenty of library options out there to make great visualizations. We outline five of the best, complete with code examples and explanations, that will enable you to create and build interactive visualizations. text   By Lio Fleishman, Sisense.

As a Front-End Engineer at Sisense, I need to build multiple components using data visualization libraries. Visualization libraries exist to help us understand complex ideas. There are plenty of library options to make visualizations on the web. Each of which has their own positives and negatives. Here are, in my opinion, five of the best visualization libraries out there now.

To begin with, I assume you already know what React is. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the short answer is that React is a JavaScript library to build user interfaces. If you want the long answer, you can check out a bit more here. React is supported by Facebook and is the most popular Javascript library to build UIs today.  .... " 

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