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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Apparent Successful attack on Ethereum

Apparent attack on Ethereum.  Note that Ethereum is often mentioned as a place for testing smart contracts.

Blockchains Hackable?   From MIT Tech Review ChainLetter

' .... To catch a blockchain hacker: Coinbase shocked the crypto world this week with an announcement that it had “detected” a so-called 51% attack on the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain network. The exchange said it had “paused interactions” with the blockchain after the attack, in which over a million dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen. It’s the latest reminder that, contrary to widespread perception, blockchains are hackable. This story is far from over, however: a security firm has located the breadcrumbs the attackers left on the blockchain, and it may be possible to track them down.

The mathematical rules governing blockchains make it very difficult to manipulate their transaction records. But in the case of “proof-of-work” systems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic, if one miner can gain control of the majority of the network’s computing power, they can defraud other users by paying them in cryptocurrency before creating a new version of the blockchain in which the payment never happens. Such a “double spend” attack is what Coinbase says happened in this case. (see “How secure is blockchain, really?”)  ... " 

See also report in The Verge.   and

Coinbase Halts Ethereum  transactions.

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