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Monday, January 28, 2019

Alibaba Future Hotel

Somewhat unusual player in the hotel space. But will help test other AI related interactions.  Note recent indications that players in the hospitality space have decreased use of guest interacting robotics.

At Alibaba's Futuristic Hotel, Robots Deliver Towels and Mix Cocktails   Reuters  By Cate Cadell

A hotel that Chinese multinational conglomerate Alibaba opened in China last month utilizes robots and a suite of other high-tech tools that the company says drastically reduces the hotel's cost of human labor and eliminates the need for guests to interact with others. The 290-room "FlyZoo" hotel is an incubator for technology Alibaba wants to sell to the hotel industry in the future; it also serves as an opportunity to showcase Alibaba's proficiency in artificial intelligence (AI). FlyZoo's guests can check in via face scanners; visitors with a Chinese national ID can scan their faces using their smartphones for advance check-in. Projects like the hotel are designed to develop AI and other high-tech expertise to propel Alibaba's e-commerce revenue growth, and also foster new areas of business at a time when e-commerce revenue growth rates are slowing... "

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