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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Meal Kit Vending Machines

Nice idea, wonder how the freshness will be maintained.

Convenience is king as new-gen vending units add meal kits  by Matthew Stern in Retailwire

hew SternMeal kits, once available only by subscription online, have begun appearing in brick-and-mortar stores as brands realize that it’s difficult to get customers interested in the product purely through e-commerce. Now thanks to a partnership between two startups, meal kits might start popping up in an unexpected physical location: the vending machine in the office lobby.

Byte Foods, which places its vending machine-style smart fridges in office buildings, will be stocking meal kits from Chef’d in 100 of its Bay Area machines, according to The Spoon. As with other products in the Byte Foods machines, office workers will scan their credit card to open the fridge door, select a meal kit and receive a receipt upon closing the door. Byte Foods plans to soon stock the meal kits in all 500+ of its smart fridges. ... "

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