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Monday, June 18, 2018

If You’re a Facebook User, You're also a Research Subject

We are all Research Subjects ...

If You’re A Facebook User, You’re Also a Research Subject
The social network is careful about academic collaborations, but chooses projects that comport with its business goals.   By Karen Weise  and Sarah Frier in Bloomberg

The professor was incredulous. David Craig had been studying the rise of entertainment on social media for several years when a Facebook Inc. employee he didn’t know emailed him last December, asking about his research. “I thought I was being pumped,” Craig said. The company flew him to Menlo Park and offered him $25,000 to fund his ongoing projects, with no obligation to do anything in return. This was definitely not normal, but after checking with his school, University of Southern California, Craig took the gift. “Hell, yes, it was generous to get an out-off-the-blue offer to support our work, with no strings,” he said. “It’s not all so black and white that they are villains.”  ... " 

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