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Monday, June 04, 2018

AI and Video Marketing

Fascinating Ways AI is Intersecting with Video Marketing

Artificial intelligence and big data have played a major role in video marketing over the past few years. They will continue to disrupt the profession in the years to come.    By Kristel Staci

Smart Data Collective has published a number of articles on the impact that big data has had on the marketing profession. Most of these articles focus on the role big data plays in marketing analytics. The relationship between big data and video marketing has received considerably less attention.
Over 52% of marketers believe that video offers a higher ROI than any other marketing strategy. A lot of this is due to the highly advanced targeting options that big data has provided to video marketers.

Advances in artificial intelligence and data technology have turned video marketing on its head. Here are some ways that marketers can leverage it to their advantage.

Streamlining production

Producing high quality videos is obviously an important part of video marketing. It is easier said than done. Many marketers can’t develop cutting edge video content on their own, so they turn to tools such as mysimpleshow to streamline production. These tools rely extensively on big data in a variety of ways.

The developers of the mysimpleshow platform have used big data to best understand the types of content that people will respond to and help marketers build custom videos around them. At the same time, they’ve also taken out all of the programming, required design and video work involved in the process — thus allowing anyone to take advantage of what the video creation tool has to offer, without the headaches of learning how to be a video or graphic designer. ... " 

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