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Friday, June 01, 2018

Advances in Footstep Recognition

Not new,  but the accuracy is better defined. Likely can be linked with other biometrics.

AI Footstep Recognition System Could Be Used for Airport Security  By University of Manchester 

The University of Manchester in the U.K. and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain have collaborated on an artificial intelligence (AI)-based biometric verification system for identifying a person by their specific gait.

The researchers estimate the system can authenticate individuals with near-perfect accuracy, and only a 0.7% error rate.

The AI was trained to learn gait patterns using the world's biggest footstep database, SfootBD, which contains 20,000 footstep signals from 127 distinct individuals.

Manchester's Omar Costilla Reyes says every human's walking pattern features about 24 separate variables and movements, so "monitoring these movements can be used, like a fingerprint or retinal scan, to recognize and clearly identify or verify an individual."  ... "

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