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Friday, April 13, 2018

Apple Homepod lagging?

Homepod will get many purchases simply from the wave of Apple zealots, and the audiophile speaker,  but is that enough?  Do the assistant aspects do well enough? Is that what people want?  How much is it connected to their Siri capabilities?  Expensive.  Good discussion:

Is Apple’s HomePod failing?
Two editors talk it out.
Engadget, @engadget

A report from Bloomberg earlier this week claimed that Apple's HomePod isn't doing so well, and that the company cut orders for new hardware from suppliers. This might not shock some of you: Apple missed the all-important holiday buying season and is competing with less expensive hardware from Google, Sonos and Amazon. But is the first smart speaker with Siri already a failure, or does the HomePod simply need time to find its place? ... "

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