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Saturday, April 14, 2018

AI Chips Advance Smarter Devices

Very good overview of the nature of chips that enable AI on the edge capabilities.  New capabilities for the IOT.  And who is doing what in delivering new hardware.  I recall mention back in the 90s it was said that faster hardware would be needed to make neural nets to drive solutions.  But at the time, there were few direct applications.   It was said then that software would drive solutions.   Now hardware is coming to the forefront.  Still expect software skills to be needed to communicate that power.

New AI systems on a chip will spark an explosion of even smarter devices  By James Kobielus in SiliconAngle

" .... That’s why mass-market mobile and IoT edge devices are increasingly coming equipped with systems-on-a-chip that are optimized for local AI processing. What distinguishes AI systems on a chip from traditional mobile processors is that they come with specialized neural-network processors, such as graphics processing units or GPUs, tensor processing units or TPUs, and field programming gate arrays or FPGAs. These AI-optimized chips offload neural-network processing from the device’s central processing unit chip, enabling more local autonomous AI processing and reducing the need to communicate with the cloud for AI processing..... "

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