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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Personality Type for Entrepreneur

We used the Myers-Briggs  personality classification frequently in the enterprise to adjust writing and interaction.  But were carefully warned that it was NOT suitable for narrow classifications, or adapted classifications, or use for segmentation of consumers.   But now someone has decided that it is OK:

Myers-Briggs Just Discovered There Is a Personality Type for Entrepreneurs  By John Brandon 

" .... A new study completed this year shows that certain personality types are drawn to an entrepreneurial mindset. For the Myers-Briggs fans out there, you may already know the Intuition and Perceiving (N and P) personality types. The study found those folks have more of an entrepreneurial nature than the Sensing and Judging types.

From the study: "The entrepreneurs in the group showed a significantly higher orientation for creativity, risk-taking, impulsivity, and especially autonomy than did non-entrepreneurs. Competitive ambition did not distinguish between those who were or were not entrepreneurs, but did relate to those who saw themselves as more entrepreneurial. People with a preference for extraversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving tended to show greater levels of entrepreneurial orientation." .... " 

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