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Sunday, June 04, 2017

More on Self Driving Trucks

Worked for years on systems that managed trucking and driver management.    So this is a a key area of supply chain costs and complexity.   In Trucks.com:

Why Waymo is Plunging into Self-Driving Semi-Truck Test  by  Jerrry Hirsch

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Why Waymo is Plunging into Self-Driving Semi-Truck Test

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle unit of Alphabet Inc., is testing a self-driving truck.

The company, formerly known as Google’s autonomous car venture, has installed its self-driving technology on a single Class 8 Peterbilt truck.

Waymo has begun tests at a private track in California and plans road tests in Arizona later in the year. For now, it is keeping a driver behind the wheel at all times. ..... "

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