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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

GE Examines the Future of Work

In Quartz:   via O'Reilly.

GE has no idea what the future of work will look like, and it appointed a finance executive to figure it out

GE recently appointed an executive to head up its efforts in “the future of work.” Her first task will be to figure out what, exactly, that means.

The executive, Lynn Calpeter, is a 30-year GE veteran who was most recently the vice president and chief financial officer of GE Power. Her new position was announced in an internal email this March.
Susan Peters, GE’s head of human resources, described the role as experimental and wide-ranging, saying it could potentially influence everything from programs to re-skill employees to how GE uses data to understand its workforce. “It would be wonderful to be able to push the ‘easy’ button and say, ‘this is what the future of work is,’” she said. “One of the reasons we put Lynn and this small group together is to parse out a cleaner definition. That’s what they’re working on right now.”
She said the role may or may not be permanent, depending on a preliminary “sprint” of research and analysis that will end this summer. ... "

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