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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Robots in the Retail Aisle at Lowe's

Lowes has long been a great experimenter in technology space.  But what has lasted?   Naturally, since it needs expertise to be delivered in a very complex aisle.  Good piece further, about the retail presence of robotics.  In K@W: 

Robots in Aisle 10: Will Shoppers Like Them?

This fall, customers cruising the aisles of Lowe’s home improvement stores in the San Francisco Bay Area may see a new type of employee taking inventory and assisting shoppers. You won’t find a nametag on this worker, but you won’t confuse it with other employees, either. The new kid in town is the LoweBot, an autonomous retail service robot that scans and audits store inventory on the floor. It uses voice recognition to identify products for customers and lead them to the right shelf — in multiple languages.

The retailer is deploying LoweBots at 11 of its Bay Area stores over a seven-month period using NAVii robots made by Fellow Robots, following a successful two-year pilot program of a first-generation robot called OSHbot that was tested at one of Lowe’s Orchard Supply Hardware stores. .... " 

Lowes Innovation Labs.

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