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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Movidius Acquired by Intel

Autonomous devices will require vision as their most important sense.  In January, 2016 the company announced a partnership with Google.  Movidius has been active in the Google Project Tango project

Movidius + Intel = Vision for the Future of Autonomous Devices

Today, I’m excited to announce the planned acquisition of Movidius by Intel. Movidius’ mission is to give the power of sight to machines. As part of Intel, we’ll remain focused on this mission, but with the technology and resources to innovate faster and execute at scale. We will continue to operate with the same eagerness to invent and the same customer-focus attitude that we’re known for, and we will retain Movidius talent and the start-up mentality that we have demonstrated over the years.

Technology companies select Movidius’ Myriad 2 for its ability to execute concurrent, mission critical vision specific workloads in real time, at high performance and in an ultra-low power envelope. Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most transformative paradigms in computer vision for the next generation of embedded devices. Myriad 2’s architecture carefully balances compute performance, power, and cost, enabling Deep Neural Networks to be deployed in places they’ve never been before.  ... " 

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