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Sunday, September 11, 2016

How Will Cognitive Tech Affect Your Organization?

How Will Cognitive Technologies Affect Your Organization?
Big Idea: Data & AnalyticsBlog  
Sam Ransbotham   MIT Sloan

Our once-subservient machines are encroaching on tasks that have been firmly in the human domain.

Even seasoned carnival barkers might struggle to exaggerate the current feats of cognitive technologies. We now marvel at artificial intelligence-fueled creations that allow a teenager to win 160,000 parking ticket cases or an app to quickly diagnose health symptoms at a fraction of the cost of a doctor alone. The accomplishments are inspiring.

Unless, of course, you manage a law firm or medical practice now in the position of competing against these machines.

Cognitive technologies are artificial intelligence-based systems that increasingly do tasks that once required humans. We’ve seen rapid progress in these technologies in the past decade as processing power, machine learning techniques, and data collection combine for marvelous results. Extreme inventions, once concocted to make science fiction appear futuristic (such as real-time language translation) are now miraculously close. Our once-subservient machines are clearly encroaching on many tasks that were firmly in the human domain not very long ago. ... " 

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