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Monday, September 05, 2016

Cognitive Computing Consortium

Very nicely done presentation we sponsored by Sue Feldman  of the Cognitive Computing Consortium.   In particular broadly covering what Cognitive Computing is, and when we should should or should not consider its use.    I frequently get those questions.   Some useful thoughts.  Following the group now.   Good place for anyone who is still unsure about the application of cognitive.  Will post more here about the group's activities.

Their blog.  A number of good other resources at the site.

" .... Today, vendors like IBM’s Watson group are developing platforms and applications that provide a potentially powerful alternative style of analytic applications. These new platforms will become a springboard for future innovation in the industry, and they will offer opportunities to many businesses and technology firms to enhance their own performance. But in order to fulfill its promise, this emerging platform requires several pieces currently missing from the conversation and the hype, including:

Understanding of its foundation elements:
Definition of its potential market value and types of uses
Technical and management education to dispel skepticism among industry players and customers alike.

The Consortium provides an open source approach to creating new ideas about these missing elements, bringing together leading industry and academic thinkers to create a credible process to advance industry and market understanding of the nature and importance of cognitive computing. ... " 

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