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Monday, March 07, 2016

Report on the Use of Voice Assistants

An interesting report on the increasing use of voice assistants.   Is this the interaction channel that will become common in the future.  By Mindmeld, a well known player in the space,  I am continuing to experiment with voice interfaces in the Smart Home.

User Adoption Survey Results Q1 2016

A new revolution is underway in intelligent voice assistants. We discovered this through market research conducted a few weeks ago. 2015 was a definitive year; our research suggests it was the tipping point of voice assistant adoption. The report is available here.

The implications of this trend are many and apply to everyone -- not just the vendors of intelligent voice assistants such as Siri, Amazon Alexa/Echo, Cortana or OK Google. Consumers are expecting intelligent voice interfaces across many devices and applications. To remain competitive in the app space, the growth of voice is important for all companies to heed.

In the words of Opus Research:  "As businesses create their roadmaps for technology adoption, companies that serve customers should be planning for, if not already implementing, both messaging-based and voice-based Conversational UIs."  ..... "  

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