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Thursday, March 10, 2016

On GE Aviation Digital

GE Annual Report cover photoBy David Joyce in the GE Bikeshop:

" ... Industry Need
In aviation, operating the finest engines, components and systems made anywhere in the world can be improved—by the use of data and analytics.  A generation ago, a GE Aviation engineer would have been on the cutting edge of technology using small sets of data gathered after each flight to enhance the performance of our equipment in service.  This was the limitation of the technology at the time, and the inherent limitation in learning. Today, digital connectivity is removing that barrier.

 Our Solution
 Our ability to harness large streams of data from aviation products provides incredible insights and real operational value for our customers.  Together, we are unlocking opportunities to generate greater productivity beyond our traditional services, creating industry standards for cloud computing and strengthening our collaboration as we work on solving their toughest challenges.   We are creating a new digital skill set focused on our customers’ competitiveness, speed and efficiency while differentiating our products, services and relationships. ... " 

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