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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Expand your Signal Hunting Skills

In Forbes:  I like using the term 'signal'  here.

" .... One of the key observations about the difference between big data sources and those traditionally used by enterprise applications is the strength of the signal. As Anant Jhingran, VP Products of Apigee, pointed out in an interview a while back, traditional enterprise applications use data that has super strong signals, while big data usually has a low signal to noise ratio.

This matters mightily to anyone who has ambition to find value in big data. The key enabler is to create as many people as possible who can engage with one or more big data sets along with relevant contextual data and find the useful nuggets or “signals”. If you don’t have a strategy for growing the number of signal hunters in your organization, big data will remain an artisanal activity, and the real opportunity to create value will be lost. ... " 

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