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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Clearing the Fog in Neuroscience

Clearing the Fog on Neuroscience

Elissa Moses
CEO, Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center

As an advocate and practitioner of applied neuroscience, I want to address some misunderstandings of what consumer neuroscience is and, importantly, what it can and can’'t do.

What neuroscience has given us is the gift of expanded insight into how the brain works during the decision making process. It helps us understand that decisions are not a button to be pressed, but an ongoing battle between our conscious and unconscious perceptions.

That is why ultimate purchase behavior is so suspenseful and to some degree somewhat unpredictable, because it is an internal battle to the end between often opposing forces. Should I buy the wholegrain cereal or the sweet cereal? The hot sports car or the one that is more environmentally friendly? The pants on sale or the ones that make me look sexy?

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