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Friday, December 04, 2015

Implications of Management by Algorithm

I am thinking that that this will start to increase.  People are a most expensive and valuable resource.  Imagine the process, resources and constraints being integrated and managed by the system.   Now how do people react to the manager algorithm?   And as the article suggests, some coming regulatory influences.

In CACM: Uber and Lyft's automated management systems establish new dynamics between workers and their bosses that should garner regulatory attention, according to researchers with the nonprofit Data & Society.

Drivers contracted by Uber or Lyft are typically required to meet a human when they first sign up, and afterwards they interact with an automated management system mainly accessed by a mobile app. When a driver is logged in, the app allocates pickup requests from people nearby, and the system assigns feedback by tracking the proportion of pickups a driver accepts and averaging the rating passengers give their driver following a ride. Drivers can be penalized for not accepting enough rides or for low ratings. Moreover, they have an incentive to work at particular times, or in particular places, by surge pricing that provisionally elevates fares. ... ." 

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