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Friday, June 03, 2011

Quite Liked

 I was introduced to QuiteLiked today:
What’s going on here? Who’s in charge?
           "   ... We believe that the emergence of the web as a dominant publishing platform (providing an abundance of great stories), along with the increasing trend towards websites becoming more social, has created an opportunity to quickly and easily discover and consume great content from thousands of different publishers.

QuiteLiked strives to provide the best most relevant stories based on interaction from other readers, across the web. We don't just rely on an editor or other readers to submit the best stories, we scour the web and surface them via our proprietary algorithm.
Our mission is to curate the web's best content and make it easy to discover, consume, and share ...  "       

1 comment:

TMetzner said...

Thanks for the mention, much appreciated!