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Thursday, June 09, 2011

3M Visual Impact Scanner

Good article on 3M's work in visual impact scanning.    We had talked to them years ago about their research to understand its possible use in store and marketing interactions.  Note the potential competition between this and similar goal methods used in neuromarketing such as EEG brain scans.   Brain based methods can in theory be seen to probe deeper and go beyond just attention, but 3M has done much more research to drive this to a quantitative level.  Store display and interactive displays in particular should benefit from these methods.  They offer a free trial of the method.

 " ... Minnesota-based conglomerate 3M has come up with a different solution, however, and it's based on decades' worth of vision research from PhDs and neuroscientists. Called the  Visual Attention Service (VAS), 3M has created an algorithm that can scan all types of content (graphical, text) to determine exactly where the average human eye is most likely to be drawn.

"It predicts visual impact," says William Smyth, a business manager at 3M's graphics division, who has roughly 30 years experience in image hardware and software. "Whatever creative content you're working on, we can help make sure it's going to get people's attention." ... '

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