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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spatial Computing

Microsoft's chief researcher Craig Mundie talks about the future of computing, which he sees as " ... a 3D virtual world populated by virtual presences, using a combination of client and cloud services ....". Includes some slide shots. He describes a virtual retail vision using Photosynth, where a

" .... 3D store environment was stitched together with Photosynth technology and interactive. Mundie could "walk" through the store and have a text or voice conversation with a store representative or someone, such as his wife, via his buddy list. In addition, he could watch videos and examine 3D models of the art objects, spinning them around to look at all the different parts of a sculpture.

Then he showed how a smart handheld device could be used to navigate in a physical space. Pointing the device at a particular space would show local information, such as when buses were expected to arrive or what stores are having sales that would be of interest to the user based on their profile ... "

Update: A rare serious discussion in the Second Life Herald on Mundie's talk. Will the virtual worlds (and realistic simulations) of the future be 'photo-synthesized', or will they be cartoonish like SL? Or a mix of the two?

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Curious Kitchen said...

Thanks for this link Franz. I have a special fasination with where we are going with computing and this link led me to another Mundie link that deals with "Cloud Computing". Sooner or later we will be at that ubiquitous computing point and I think that it will be interesting to see (if I am lucky to still be computing at that time) how the prognostications work out. Who will be the next Nostradamus? Thanks again - Walter