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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Chinese Virtual Worlds

Reuben Steiger of Millions of Us writes:

" ... China's answer to Second Life, HiPiHi, announced at the recent State of Play V conference in Singapore that it intends to work towards standardized 3D worlds, with the aim of eventually delivering interoperability between various platforms. The Chinese virtual world is reportedly talking with IBM and Linden Lab - players that are certainly well-positioned to push through such standards, a notoriously difficult project in the technology industry. In an interview with Virtual Worlds News, HiPiHi's CEO Hui Xu said "we believe when the Internet evolves to the 3D Internet, all current applications can be transformed or upgraded. Therefore, the traditional business models can also be applied in the 3D world. We are willing to cooperate with all companies which are interested in working with us to explore the potential compliances in 3D world, regardless whether they are foreign or Chinese companies." ... '

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