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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GPS Pact with Galileo

Global Positioning System (GPS) location satellites have changed our world in the last dozen years, We see it in cars, airplanes and phones. It allows us to perform actions with locational intelligence with increasing precision. I recently consulted on its use in an agricultural application that aimed to optimize harvest processes. New methods of interpreting the satellite data has greatly increased its leverage. Methods now exist to improve the analytical analysis of signals from the satellites to several meter accuracy. The system does not work indoors, limiting its use for applications like store shelf.

Its a global system, but the European Union has been in the process of developing their own network of satellites called the Galileo Positioning System, planned to be operational in 2010. I had wondered how this might work in conjunction with the US system. The answer is here, a pact is in the works between the US and EU to share standards, signal and development to improve the overall accuracy of the system.

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