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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Overdue Debate?

More thoughts on mind, machines, and humanity.   Is it a debate or a inevitable journey?    I was Inspired by the Stanford HAI effort, which seems to be chipping away at just the tiniest pieces of this.  Should we first look very broadly, to set our goals and understand the risks?

The Overdue Debate     In The Edge By Andrian Kreye

Technology in turbo gear: Humanities and Natural Sciences must finally be united to talk about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is a subject in which the imagination switches to turbo speed. From the medieval myth of the golem to Stanley Kubrick's "2001: Odyssey in Space" to Frank Schätzing's bestseller "The Tyranny of the Butterfly", literature and film have long been concerned with what would happen if machines could develop consciousness and free will. But even if they never will, the possibilities of this technology exceed even the imagination of scientists.

As AI enters a new phase with the latest advances in digital technology, there is a growing demand that the natural sciences and the humanities join forces to think about the impact on society and people of machines that can learn and make decisions on their own.

The Spirit In The Machine
What does artificial intelligence mean?
A series of essays seeks answers.
Part 1: .... "

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