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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Digital Experience in Retail

Clearly important, but how to effectively use it is the challenge.

Digital Experience Matters: Kroger VP  In Progressive Grocer By Kat Martin 

Kroger VP Digital Experience Jody Kalmbach presented at the Food Marketing Conference

Drawing customers into your business – whether it’s the physical store or your digital footprint – is all about inspiration, engagement and the experience, noted Jody Kalmbach, VP digital experience for The Kroger Co., during her presentation at the Western Michigan Food Marketing Conference in Grand Rapids, Mich.

One of the biggest challenges for grocery retailers when they're moving to ecommerce is how to take the store experience online without overwhelming the consumer with all of the choices. The answer lies in data collection and data science, using what you know to curate the experience they need. In all aspects of grocery retailing, generic experiences are out and customization is in, Kalmbach noted. This is especially true when it comes to how shoppers interact with your company digitally.  ...."

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