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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

AI Neural Pioneers get Highest Tech Award

Appreciate this because we worked with the same tech in the 90s.  Laboriously training neural nets to classify brand reactions.   Based on that, we thought that neural approaches would have little impact beyond classical statistical methods.   We did think that ultimately learning  would be the way to enable systems. Yet only a decade plus or so later some very useful things were being done.    There have been suggestions that the direction has now stalled,  but I think it is too soon to tell.

ACM Press Release with technical detail on this.

Artificial intelligence pioneers win tech's 'Nobel Prize'   by Michael Liedtke in TechXplore

Computers have become so smart during the past 20 years that people don't think twice about chatting with digital assistants like Alexa and Siri or seeing their friends automatically tagged in Facebook pictures.

But making those quantum leaps from science fiction to reality required hard work from computer scientists like Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun. The trio tapped into their own brainpower to make it possible for machines to learn like humans, a breakthrough now commonly known as "artificial intelligence," or AI ..... "

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