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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Demystifying AI for Execs

Yet another piece to de-mystify AI for execs.  Used to be what I did.  Not bad, a useful description that is worth reading.  Good that it is mentioned that it is about how people and machines will ultimately work together.  But I have a number of problems with it.    First, hardly a mention of decisions and process.    And ultimately that is what it is all about.  If we don't know how people and decisions interact, we don't know much.  Also no mention of goals, which is another key component.  What are we trying to do?  Risk too is not mentioned.  What happens if the result is wrong, or poorly applied to real decisions?  Not much about operations. 

Also, more fundamentally, the article talks mostly about components of  'AI' like image recognition, or classification or clustering.   There is no doubt we can do these much better than we every could.  Great progress.  But AI is much more than that.  These things are newer, faster, sharper tools.  But without the process of taking data, knowledge and process and embedding them in business,  you don't get much.  Please make that clear when you talk to execs. .

" ... Demystifying AI and machine learning for executives

In this interview, Tamim Saleh cuts through the hype around artificial intelligence with guidance for executives about where and how to employ AI in their businesses. ... " 

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