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Friday, April 06, 2018

VR and Eye Tracking

We saw the need for this early on.   Where you are looking implies intent, so why not track it?

Peter Rubin in Wired.
Eye Tracking Coming to VR Sooner that you think.   What Now?  .... 

".... Eye-tracking has been a part of the VR conversation for years; a company called FOVE even crowdsourced its own eye-tracking headset in 2015. Yet, when the feature would actually arrive at scale has been an open-ended question. Even as multiple companies race to release all-in-one "standalone" headsets—Lenovo's Mirage Solo launches in May, with Oculus' $199 Go device rumored to be close behind, and HTC's Vive Focus will be arriving stateside this year after a China-only debut—the dream of our eyes making it into VR seemed farsighted at best. ..."

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