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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

US, China Innovation

It has been about innovation for some time,  saw it starting in our visits to China in the late 90s.   We saw their innovation work and we presented ours.  Impressive all around. 

Why the U.S.-China ‘Trade War’ Is Really About the Future of Innovation  In Knowledge@Wharton, by Wharton dean Geoffrey Garrett.

Recent trade skirmishes between China and the United States are less about steel and soybeans and more about which country will be the leader in global innovation in the 21st century, writes Wharton dean Geoffrey Garrett in this opinion piece.

The escalation of tariffs between China and the United States is haunting the financial markets. “Manageable, orchestrated trade skirmishes” is probably the right description. But “trade war” is so much better a headline.

Either way, what is really going on is not about trade; it is about who will lead global innovation in the 21st century. Think less steel, soybeans and solar panels, and more electric vehicles, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.   .... "

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