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Saturday, April 07, 2018

Marketing Strategy

Better together: Why integrating data strategy, teams, and technology leads to marketing success in ThinkWithGoogle

Customer interactions with brands generate an abundance of digital information, but the right elements must be combined correctly to yield insights. New research from Econsultancy and Google shows how leading marketers find success by integrating data strategy, teams, and technology.

During the 21st-century consumer’s meandering path to purchase, a stream of data flows out of each brand interaction. But even a torrent of digital information is useless if you’re unable to extract insights from it.

In order to win each micro-moment of the journey, marketers need to deliver better, more relevant experiences. How do you make those experiences more relevant, though? In today’s digital world, it requires embracing a data strategy as a means to more deeply understand audiences and applying those insights to marketing and advertising. But that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Earlier this year, we shared that marketers still reported dealing with significant data-related challenges in their analytics initiatives. Among other things, they struggle with accessing or integrating data, recruiting the right kind (and right amount) of analytics talent, and gaining executive buy-in and support. .....  " 

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