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Monday, April 09, 2018

Marketing Mix Optimization Using Bayesian Networks

A long time challenge in the enterprise.  I note this seminar on the topic.  I am about to review.  Remember very well the causal assumptions applied and challenged..   Please do follow up if you have any comments, especially regarding practical use.

Stefan Conrady
Managing Partner at Bayesia USA & Singapore: Bayesian Networks for Research, Analytics, and Reasoning

Marketing Mix Optimization with Bayesian Networks

With over 130 participants, today's event was our most popular webinar yet. No wonder, marketing mix modeling remains a mystery to many! And, neither big data nor clever statistical techniques can solve this problem for us. One way or another, it's about the causal assumptions one needs to make (and be able to justify). However, Bayesian networks make this process much more transparent, and they allow for some brilliant shortcuts! Check out the webinar recording and see for yourself!

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