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Monday, April 02, 2018

Kroger and Embedded Machine Learning Analytics

Good to see how much work Kroger is doing in advanced analytics, congrats to my friends there, we worked with them in the innovation area, always following them for leading tech.  This is a leading direction, good to see Kroger leading the way in making the business needs known and investing in solutions.

84.51° Builds a Machine Learning Machine for Kroger
By Tom Davenport , Forbes Contributor

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Machine learning is a great way to extract maximum predictive or categorization value from a large volume of structured data. The idea (at least for “supervised learning,” by far the most common type in business) is to train a model on a one set of labeled data and then use the resulting models to make predictions or classifications on data where we don’t know the outcome. The approach works well in concept, but it can be labor-intensive to develop and deploy the models.

One company, however, is rapidly developing a “machine learning machine” that can build and deploy very large numbers of models with relatively little human intervention. You may have heard of dunnhumby, a UK-based analytics company that’s owned by the big retailer Tesco. dunnhumby had a US joint venture with Kroger named dunnhumbyUSA. In 2015 Kroger purchased dunnhumbyUSA and named it 84.51°. The name coincides with the location of its Cincinnati headquarters and is a tribute to the longitudinal analytics the company employs. But 84.51° also analyzes data like a finely-tuned machine.  .... "   

 (read the rest for details of the embedding)

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