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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Informal Review of McDonald's In-Store Ordering Kiosks

We did lots of work with kiosks, standard and novel, in our innovation centers.  And I am always ready to try them as they appear.  Most recently McDonald's has been experimenting.  Here is a review in Business Insider.  Lots of pictures.   My own take was different, the kiosks gave too many options, were not easy enough to customize to your standard order.    And as the article mentioned, there were always several employees there to help out, so much customer training is necessary until they save any labor. I am sure they are thinking of connecting them to customer apps.  Probably the best way to make them efficient.

We ordered from McDonald's kiosks to see if they're better than real cashiers — and the winner is clear  By Hollis Johnson

" .... So, which is better? I'm used to the kiosks, so I prefer them — they're faster, more accurate, and make things easier to customize. And since workers are there to help if you're confused, I fail to see how it takes away jobs as of now.  ... "  

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