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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Executive Management Getting Most from AI

Background for upcoming webinar, to be mentioned .....

Five Management Strategies for Getting the Most From AI

Big Idea: Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy Blog   By Jacques Bughin and Eric Hazan

A global survey of C-level executives finds that AI is delivering real value to companies that use it across operations and within their core functions.

 Artificial Intelligence

Fueled by the buzz around powerful applications of artificial intelligence (AI), many business leaders are contemplating whether to introduce AI into their organizations. While practitioners and academics have outlined some of the strategic challenges of implementing AI, many executives are still seeking good models for how to generate competitive advantage from its application.

To find out more about what contributes to successful AI adoption, we helped lead a survey by the McKinsey Global Institute of 3,000 C-level executives across 10 countries and 14 sectors. From that research, we identified five fundamental strategies for how to get the most out of AI’s potential. ... " 

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