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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Barnes & Noble Crowdsources Reading with Browsery

Been a while that I have heard much from B&N, so this is interesting, can it recreate the bookstore virtually?   Can this alter the nature of reading, book selection?  With come expert comment:

Barnes & Noble’s crowdsourcing app engages readers and earns solid reviews  By Tom Ryan

Barnes & Noble has launched Browsery, an app that uses crowdsourcing to help readers discover new books.

The app basically features a bunch of questions that support “browsing, community, and conversation.” Customers can “like”, comment on or contribute answers to questions about books posted by the Browsery community. They may also like or comment on the answers of others or ask questions of their own.

For example, the Biography & Memoir section includes questions such as:

“Favorite memoirs that include recipes?”
“What are some interesting biographies for a film-lover?”
“What celebrity made you laugh the hardest?”

Launched in late March, one question has already drawn 84 responses. Clicking through enables users to “agree” with a suggestion and offer the reason why. The authors with the most “agrees” to the “laugh the hardest” question included Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Trevor Noah. .... " 

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