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Thursday, April 05, 2018

B2B Value

Never seen this adequately and numerically positioned before the fact, thus we don't often get reasonable ROIs.

The B2B Elements of Value

By Eric Almquist. Jamie Cleghorn. Lori Sherer  in the HBR

 "....  Maybe those two calculations are not all that different. Her fleet decision obviously included objective criteria such as price, warranties, and service levels, but other, more subjective criteria figured in as well. For instance, the vehicles have to reflect the company’s brand. And their design and handling need to appeal to the employees who drive or ride in them, especially with the higher-end models for executives.

In reality, the differences between business-to-business and consumer decisions are not cut-and-dried. True, B2B sellers need to optimize prices, meet specifications, comply with regulations, and follow ethical practices. Procurement teams rigorously evaluate vendors and run total cost-of-ownership models to ensure that rational, quantifiable criteria around price and performance shape their analyses.  .... "

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