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Monday, April 02, 2018

Animating Visualized Data

Interesting piece in Observable on Animation of visualized data.  Which categorizes various kinds of visualization.  There has been an increase in these kinds of things, apparently to enhance the attention that such visualizations get.    I wish they would have gotten to the bottom line quicker.  If the animation shows wrong results, or implies some incorrect changes or it confuses the observer,  it should not be used.  Despite any attention-getting value.   Being memorable to match your narrative is not value. 

The Space Between    By  anbnyc  @anbnyc 

Understanding animated transitions in data visualization

Animated transitions are a popular and powerful feature of digital data visualization. They can make a visualization more fun, engaging, and memorable. By revealing information in stages rather than all at once, transitions make visualizations less overwhelming and more informative.

This visual essay is inspired by the question: What is happening conceptually between the start and end of a transition? I look at reasons for using animated transitions (besides "it looks cool") and at the kinds of variables that can be transitioned. I conclude that we can think of animated transitions in two categories: those where the space between the start and end states consists of real/realistic data and grammatically valid states for that visualization, and those    ...  "

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