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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

IBM Research Writes about Progress in Deep Learning

Recently have used deep learning from IBM to solve a difficult classification problem.

From IBM AI Research: 
New IBM Research distributed deep learning software achieves record performance for large neural network, large data set ... 

Deep learning is a widely used AI method to help computers understand and extract meaning from images and sounds and other data types using neural networks, a brain-inspired approach to computing. It holds promise to fuel breakthroughs in everything from consumer mobile app experiences to medical imaging diagnostics. Progress in accuracy and deploying deep learning at scale is limited by technical challenges that slow processing time to days and weeks. IBM Research AI experts have created distributed deep learning software, achieving record performance for image recognition accuracy and large neural networks composed of up to 250 GPUs, a special processor for large amounts of data. Developers and data scientists can now preview this technical milestone in version 4 of the PowerAI enterprise deep learning software.  ... " 

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