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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Assistants Addressing Primary Health Care

Primary Health care via assistant, continue to follow this topic.   Good overview:

The robot will see you now  By Pam Baker in HP Enterprise
Intelligent personal medical devices will improve your quality of life. And nag you when you have that extra dessert.

While everyone in the U.S. is focused on health insurance, the truth remains that there are not enough primary care doctors to tend to everyone. Regulation (or deregulation) alone can’t fix that shortage. In order to provide prevention care, illness and injury treatments, and life-saving measures for all, technology must fill in and assist human healthcare providers.

But this is not a situation unique to the U.S., as all countries around the globe struggle with a shortage of healthcare professionals and resources in varying degrees. Further, healthcare providers also struggle with work overloads, unacceptable error rates, and lost revenue from complexities and errors in payer claims.  .... " 

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