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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Pop-up Stores to Tell CPG Brand Stories

Was involved in several such efforts, in CPG, but not food.   Brands were new.  The approaches were first mocked up in laboratory settings.  Did not see specific financial outcome estimates.  More discussion at the link

Why is big food turning to pop-up stores to tell brand stories?  by Dale Buss in Retailwire
"A pop-up store allows the brand to shine and promote its best qualities without the competition breathing down its neck."   Zel Bianco, President, founder and CEO Interactive Edge

Through a special arrangement, presented here for discussion is a summary of a current article from the monthly e-zine, CPGmatters. ... 

Kellogg, Pure Leaf and Chobani are among a number of CPG companies that have been sprouting “pop-up” stores that tell their brand stories. As well as fashioning “stores within a store” in larger retailers, CPG brands are putting these pop-ups into semi-permanent locations on street fronts in New York City and other heavily populated locales.  ... " 

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