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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Conversational Banking Assistant Pilot

Intriguing statement of how this is operating, and how it can deal with a messy conversational interaction.   Because of the nature of the interaction, this would appear to be particularly important and difficult to assure correctness.   How exactly is this beyond rules or a chatbot interaction?   Sentiment also included.  Learning too.    More detail at the link.  ...

USAA Rolls Out Innovative Conversational AI Solution
Going beyond traditional rules-based voice or chatbot digital banking solutions, a non-bot, natural language banking experience is being offered to USAA members in an Amazon Alexa pilot with Clinc.    By Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and Owner/Publisher of the Digital Banking Report

Subscribe TodayLast September, a team of computer science professors at the University of Michigan introduced an application developed in their research lab that they believed would change the way consumers would do banking in the future. Combining the science and technology from academia, with the needs for a better voice-first mobile banking capability, Clinc won ‘Best of Show’ honors at Finovate in New York City with their Finie (“the financial genie”) application.

The intelligent personal assistant uses sophisticated natural language processing engines that have been trained with a deeper knowledge of the financial and banking industry as opposed to using a rules-based approach. Unlike solutions that currently exist from Siri, Alexa and Cortana, Clinc’s machine learning capability allows the application to expand knowledge and improve responses with every query. By identifying and analyzing dozens of factors like speech patterns, word structure and sentiment, Clinc is able to understand, to remember and to respond to unconstrained, contextual, messy human language.  ... " 

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