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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Transcript Data to Tailor Voice Interaction

Amazon’s Alexa Has A Data Dilemma: Be More Like Apple Or Google?
Amazon’s virtual assistant is caught between Apple-like privacy safeguards and Google-style openness.   By Jared Newman

Devices like Amazon Echo could someday turn into a treasure trove for developers that make voice assistant skills, but first companies have to figure out where they draw the line when it comes to weighing data sharing against consumer privacy.

Now that dilemma is heating up: Citing three unnamed sources, The Information reported this week that Amazon is considering whether to provide full conversation transcripts to Alexa developers. This would be a major change from Amazon’s current policy in which the company only provides basic information—such as the total number of users, the average number of actions they’ve performed, and rates of success or failure for voice commands. Amazon declined to comment to The Information regarding the claims, but the change wouldn’t be unprecedented. Google’s voice assistant platform already provides full transcripts to developers.  ... " 

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