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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Google's Gmail will Answer Your Emails?

What is Ray Kurzweil up to at Google?  Writing your Emails.  ... in Wired ..  I respond:

Interesting background and information about an innovator and his team's neural net driven AI project.  Good as an indication of how Google works internally with innovative ideas.  Worth readng for that.  Kurzweil is very well known, innovative and very smart.

But here is a case where I have been actually 'using' the results of his team's work since it was made public on Google Mail in May.   I would say I use one of his auto answers or 'Smart Replies'  maybe one out of twenty times.  Then worry that the recipient might notice.   Have never edited an answer, but understood that I could.  Just easier to write the whole thing.

  And must say that I am not overly impressed.  This could have been done better with a lot less resources and effort.  I would not pay for this if I had to, not even close.   Is trite a good word?   Not what I expected when I heard it called  'automatic answering'.   The latter is really hard, at least to do well.   I would have to read it very closely to see if it is correct.  If its not that important, why answer at all?    More and better is coming they say, I hope so.   My singularity receptacle is waiting. But you will have to catch me.

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