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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Saving Shopping Malls by Tracking?

We looked to this kind of tracking for better personalization,  but not much has happened in the last decade.

Will customer tracking help save shopping malls?    by Matthew Stern In Retailwire: 

With shopping malls not performing like they used to, facility owners are looking to technology to revive shopper interest. But when it comes to re-mapping the mall to make it more attractive to shoppers, some of the technologies they are using might put some customers on edge.

Some mall landlords have been using smartphone monitoring technology to track shopper behavior throughout the malls they own, according to The Wall Street Journal. Some monitor the amount of time customers spend in the mall and in specific stores to determine where one store should be set up in proximity to another. Landlords also base advertising on location data used in conjunction with social media and email information.

While the Journal article doesn’t detail which specific solutions are used for each example of behavior tracking, it does mention one big U.S. mall owner that uses a tool called StepsAway to push discounts and promotions to shoppers’ smartphones. Shoppers in this case do not need to install an app.   ... " 

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