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Monday, April 10, 2017

Captioning Images with Tensorflow

 Below, Nicely done and instructive piece on captioning using neural methods.   Captioning as a means of multi tagging of images.  Now this we could have used when captioning copy images and documents for retrieval, analysis and re-use.   How accurate in the given context?  How much editing might be required?   In O'Reilly:

Caption this, with TensorFlow
How to build and train an image caption generator using a TensorFlow notebook.  By Raul Puri, Daniel Ricciardelli  March 28, 2017

Image caption generation models combine recent advances in computer vision and machine translation to produce realistic image captions using neural networks. Neural image caption models are trained to maximize the likelihood of producing a caption given an input image, and can be used to generate novel image descriptions. For example, the following are possible captions generated using a neural image caption generator trained on the MS COCO data set.     ... " 

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