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Monday, April 03, 2017

From Natural Language to AI

Reminds me of some of our own investigations of building more perceptive AIs and bots.  We still don't have a workable language model of our world.  Limited, focused models do exist,  and are called Ontologies.

The Two Paths from Natural Language Processing to Artificial Intelligence  By Jonathan Mugan
Robot psychologist. Co-founder and CEO at DeepGrammar, a startup specializing in NLP and deep learning. Author of The Curiosity Cycle.

Why isn’t Siri smarter? AI has accelerated in recent years, especially with deep learning, but current chatbots are an embarrassment. Computers still can’t read or converse intelligently. Their deficiency is disappointing because we want to interact with our world using natural language, and we want computers to read all of those documents out there so they can retrieve the best ones, answer our questions, and summarize what is new.

To understand our language, computers need to know our world. They need to be able to answer questions like “Why does it only rain outside?” and “If a book is on a table, and you push the table, what happens?” .... " 

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