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Friday, September 09, 2016

VisiRule for Building Intelligent Applications

Brought to my attention, a considerable update to VisiRule,  Which I have followed for years.  Back to making rule based expert systems easier?   Links to business process modeling?   Part of cognitive is logic.

Build Intelligent Applications without Programmers
Do you have business processes, captured using flowcharts and decision trees, that you want to automate?
Do you want to offer expert professional advice and guidance in a consistent and timely manner?
Do you want to enable your employees, customers and consumers to behave in an informed and compliant way?
Do you want to replicate your own specialist knowledge using a low-cost, self-help version available 24x7?
Do you want to reduce the burden on your own valuable product engineers and precious service experts?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then you can use VisiRule to build intelligent decision support solutions.

VisiRule is a graphical software tool that lets business professionals capture, explore and model their expert know-how quickly and easily. Using VisiRule, the author simply drops boxes onto the canvas and links them together. VisiRule is an intelligent tool and knows what to do with your questions and logic, how to create question and answer sessions and how to generate executable rules from diagrams. .... " 

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